TifloInnova 2017   International Exhibition of Assistive Technology for People with Visual Disabilities Madrid 17-19 November

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Why visit TifloInnova 2017?

TifloInnova 2017 constitutes the ideal setting in which to discover the latest trends in the market, search for and learn about new features and new services related to assistive technology for people with blindness or visual disabilities. 

There are several important reasons why you should visit TifloInnova 2017, such as:

    • Fast access, in the same location and in a short span of time, to the best the assistive technology industry is offering.
    • Obtain inmediate information about innovative products and services of interest to blind and visually impaired people, whether they are assistive technologies or maintream solutions, accessible to and usabable by the blind community.
    • Witness demonstrations and presentations of new products and/or services..
    • Analyze and compare the characteristics and features of all products/services offered before reaching a purchase decision.
    • Gain knowledge of the market trends.
    • Enable a first-hand personal contact and the exchange of information with all the manufactures and suppliers.
    • Attend conferences and parallel events, that are obvious sources of information on the market development and trends on assistive technology.