TifloInnova 2017   International Exhibition of Assistive Technology for People with Visual Disabilities Madrid 17-19 November

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List of Exhibitors

ALTIX SP. Z O.O. Producer of Braille and tactile prints and graphics as well as audio descriptions: convex tactile maps, braille and tactile signs for directories, pictograms, location maps, etc. for external and internal areas in public building and spaces. Poland Braille prints and graphics. Games. Braille converter software EULER. 17
AMBUTECH Supplier of canes and accessories for orientation and mobility, made of high quality materials, of different designs and colours to meet their users’ needs and preferences. Canada Folding, rigid and telescopic canes made from aluminum, graphite or fiberglass, with a wide choice of tips. Full line of cane accessories. 13
BAUM RETEC AG Developer and manufacturer of a wide range of innovative electronic aids for the blind and isually impaired such as desktop magnifiers, reading machines and braille products that are designed for the successful use at school, at work or at home. Germany Visio 500, VisioDesk, VisioBook HD, Pronto!, VarioPro, VarioUltra, Vario 340. 25
BLACKBOARD Provider of platforms for the teaching and learning community: Blackboard Learn and Moodlerooms, used in the main educationl institutions accross the world. Spain Blackboard Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on making digital course content more accessible. Using inclusivity, sustainability, and automation as its key pillars, Blackboard Ally helps you understand and tackle accessibility in a way that benefits all students. 19
BONES AG Bones designs and markets high-quality audio players and portable digital assistants. Switzerland Audio players Milestone 312 Ace, Milestone 212 Ace and Milestone 112 Ace. 2
BraiBook, SL. Developer of portable electronic user devices for the blind and visually impaired. Spain BraiBook is a small light reading device that converts digital documents, in any format or language, into Braille. 14
BRAILLO NORWAY Manufacturer of Braille embossers of high and medium production. Norway B300S2 is a double-sided printer for light to heavy Braille production, embossing at 300 CPS (900 pages per hour) using continuous Braille paper 6
CIDAT ONCE Center responsible for the adaptation and accessibility of the latest technologies as well as for providing people with visual disabilities with technical means necessary to enable them to achieve their full social, educational and labour inclusion. Spain Educational materials for writing, calculating, drawing, etc, household supplies, watches, O&M canes and accessories, solutions to access to information and printed documents, games, etc. 23
DISACC MAQUETT SL (World&Model) Producer of different embossed material in polyboard; bronze embossed templates for tourist itineraries; braille and tactile signs in public areas and buildings; embossed publications, raw materials (before embossing) for artists and craftwork. Spain A wide choice of embossed polyboard materials that represent: Alhambra, Sagrada Familia and Picasso and Dali masterpieces. 7
ENHANCED VISION Developer of assistive technology for the visually impaired including Macular Degeneration, Glaucoma, Cataracts, Retinitis Pigmentosa and Diabetic Retinopathy. Low vision assistive technology enables people to read, write and fully participate in life. United Kingdom HD desktop CCTVs (Merlin-Full HD Ultra 20” and Merlin-Elite Pro), portable video magnifiers (Tranformer HD with built-in Wi-Fi, Pebble-HD, Pebble-Mini and Amigo-HD) with full high-definition color and contrast. Other low-vision products: portable full-page Smart Reader, battery-operated electronic monocular MoJo, etc. 30
ESCHENBACH Manufacturer of optical aids and electronic devices for low vision. Germany Visual aids and electronic optical products for low vision. 26
HUMANWARE Developper of assistive technologies for the blind and visually impaired, who offers a wide range of innovative products. United Kingdom New generation magnifier with touch screen, Connect 12, their Braille notetaker/tablet Note Touch with Android and with Spanish voice and braille tables, the new Brailliant 14 cell display, together with other new products. 5
Independent Living Aids (ILA) Distributor of easy-to-use products that enable the blind and visually impaired, or a person with an auditory deficiency, to improve their lives. They may include: large print, talk, tactile markings, Braille, vibration alerrs, strobe lights or they are just easy to use. United States A wide range of dailiy living products (sock holders, measuring 12-spoon set, needle threaders, talking thermometers, timers...), educational material (talking calculators, low vision contrast pen, BrailleBox learning set), vibrating watches and other aids for blind visually impaired people. 10
INDEX BRAILLE Developer and manufacturer of braille embossers since 1982, INDEX offers 2 desktop models (Basic-D V5 for fanfold paper and Everest-D V5 for cut-sheet paper) and 2 high-speed production models (FanFold-D V5 for fanfold paper and BrailleBox V5 for cut-sheet paper). Also 2 models acoustic hoods for Basic-D and Everest-D are available. Sweden Two desktop Braille printers: Basic-D V5 for fanfold paper and Everest-D V5 for cut-sheet paper, with their corresponding acoustic hoods. Two high-speed production models: FanFold-D V5 for fanfold paper and BrailleBox V5 for cut-sheet paper, within their own noise-cancelling cabinet. 3
LVI LOW VISION INTERNATIONAL Designer and developer of products for visually impaired people, with high standards for reliability, simplicity and serviceability. Sweden Electronic video magnifiers: • Portable Electronic video magnifier connected to PC/MAC • Portable true CCTV • Standalone CCTV Reading Machine 12
MINUJA ERGOTECNIC, S.L. Technical aids that allow visually impaired users to attain their educational and occupational integration, as well as prevent and relieve pain caused by back strain or related to vision. Spain A wide selection of lecterns. 8
MOBIENCE Provider of a Bluetooth keyboard about the size of a credit card designed to assist people who are blind or visually impaired use smartphones sensibly. South Korea RiVO: portable Bluetooth keyboard designed for users of iPhone who are blind or visually impaired. It supports iOS VoiceOver and allows access to the functions of your Smartphone. 15
OLYMPUS IBERIA SAU Manufacturer of consumer electronic equipment. Spain OLYMPUS voice recorders. 16
ONCE BIBLIOGRAPHIC SERVICE Thematic area where the ONCE, its Foundation and Ilunion will show the RDI work conducted in order to allow for greater access to information and technology to blind and visually impaired people. Spain In this area of the ONCE Bibliographic Service you can learn how to download adapted works form their Digitial Library, touch and enjoy the latest news in braille and tactile production. You can also listen to some digital audio contents and even take with you some of these materials. 9
ONCE FOUNDATION Thematic area where the ONCE, its Foundation and Ilunion will show the RDI work conducted in order to allow for greater access to information and technology to blind and visually impaired people. Spain ONCE Foundation has made a decided firm commitment towards an inclusive society where technologies are a tool at the service of persons with disabilities. Health, education and culture are more accessible through R&D for all. 27
ONCEInnova ACCEDO GROUP Thematic area where the ONCE, its Foundation and Ilunion will show the RDI work conducted in order to allow for greater access to information and technology to blind and visually impaired people. Spain Come and visit a classroom with a wide range of technologies and support tools that are used by blind or low vision pupils in their daily life and learn about the inclusive educational software developed by the ONCE’s Digital Content Accessibility Group (ACCEDO) as part of their research projects. In this edition there will be a special emphasis on learning Braille in a playful way from pre-school and the first few years of primary school. 9
ONCEInnova CBE Thematic area where the ONCE, its Foundation and Ilunion will show the RDI work conducted in order to allow for greater access to information and technology to blind and visually impaired people. Spain The Spanish Braille Commission presents Braille applications, ranging from the labeling of consumer products and other uses in daily life, leisure or magazines, to the innovative didactic method, BRAITICO. Music and scientific notations also play an active role in this area to raise awareness of the importance of the braille reading-writing system, thus preventing any limitations in the learning process. 9
ONCEInnova CIDAT Thematic area where the ONCE, its Foundation and Ilunion will show the RDI work conducted in order to allow for greater access to information and technology to blind and visually impaired people. Spain Products and projects already developed, such as GOLD, MIO and eBrai, as well as other upcoming tools that will be soon available: APOLO, Edico, Caro-kann Chess or Formula Bra. Customized products basen on users’ needs. Signposts, maps, etc. 27
ONCEInnova ILUNION Thematic area where the ONCE, its Foundation and Ilunion will show the RDI work conducted in order to allow for greater access to information and technology to blind and visually impaired people. Spain Beepcons or small beacons emitting audible signals that allow blind people to better orient themselves and know more about their position or objects thanks to this download app for smartphones. Accessible signals for buildings, Small support tools that help to improve their daily life. Examples on accessible tourism: hotels, holiday destinations. 9
OrCam Developer of a wearable device based on innovative artificial vision technology which improves the lives of individuals who are blind, visually impaired, have a reading disability or people with other conditions. Israel OrCam MyEye is a portable device with a smart camera designed to assist people who are visually impaired and blind. It recognizes text, faces, and products, and speaks to the wearer through a personal earpiece. Utilizing cutting edge technology, the OrCam device is unique in its ability to provide assistance through a discreet wearable platform and simple easy-to-use interface which serves to enhance the daily lives of people with vision loss. 20
REHAN ELECTRONICS Developer and manufacturer of electronic handheld and desktop manifiers and reading devices. Ireland i-See Speech, i-See Touch, i-See HD, i-Reader, Looky 4, Looky 4+, Looky 5, Looky 10, Looky+. 28
SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS Samsung pledges to create and deliver quality products and services that enhance convenience and foster smarter lifestyles for its customers around the world. Samsung is dedicated to improving the global community through its constant pursuit of groundbreaking innovations and value creation. Spain • Intutive SUHD TVs with Quantum dot technology, easy-to-use through their advanced functionalities (Voice control, Clear Voice and amplify, among other features). • Home appliances: Washers, refrigerators and air conditioning systems, that can be controlled and operated using a smartphone. • Latest generation smartphones and tablets. 24
SAMUR - Protección Civil The Municipal Assistance Service of Emergency and Rescue SAMUR-Civil Protection -managed by the Government Department of Health, Safety and Community Services- provides pre-hospital assistance for all those medical emergencies, mass casualty accidents and disasters that occur in public areas within the city of Madrid. Spain SAMUR-PC has completed a research project that aims to provide access to public defibrillation and to the basic vital supporting chain for people with visual disabilities thanks to the successful adaptation of automatic external defibrillators and different teaching contents on how to perform CPR techniques, as recommended by the reference scientific societies. OUTDOOR TENT
SHINANO KENSHI Developer and manufacturer of accessible digital talking book players/recorders that comply with DAISY standard. Japan Desktop Daisy player Mod. Plextalk PTN2 Cross, desktop DAISY online player Mod. Plextalk Linio, portable DAISY player/recorder Mod. Plextalk Pocket, and portable DAISY online player/recorder Mod. Plextalk Linio Pocket. 21
THINKABLE Developer of innovative tools for the design and production of tactile solutions such as maps, drawings, graphs and other educational or fun images. Netherlands TactileView - tactile graphics software TactiPad - tactile drawing board. 4
TOUCHÉTECH LABS Pvt Ltd Producer of assistive technologies for the blind and impaired. India Braille E-Reader /Refreshable Braille Display and other assistive devices. 11
VFO Devoloper and distributor of accesibility solutions for the visually impaired. It brands Ai Squared, Freedom Scientific and Optelec, with a long history of developing and providing innovative solutions -both hardware and software- for blind and low vision individuals, helping them to reach their full potential. USA Screen magnifier ZoomText, screen reader JAWS, Openbook scanning and reading software, RUBY® handheld video magnifiers, ONYX® and TOPAZ® video magnifiers, FOCUS 14, 40 and 80 braille displays; Compact HD and Compact 6 HD handheld video magnifiers, the ClearView C and ClearView C Speech desktop video magnifiers, and the ClearReader+ scan-and-read solution. 29
ZYCHEM LIMITED Manufacturer and supplier of Zytex2 swell paper for the production of tactile diagrams and raised images in the ZY®-FUSE heater. United Kingdom ZYTEX2 swell paper and the ZY®-FUSE Heater, allowing the customer to produce simple but clear and effective raised images which can be read by a blind or visually impaired person. 18