TifloInnova 2017   International Exhibition of Assistive Technology for People with Visual Disabilities Madrid 17-19 November

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Who is organizing?

The CIDAT is the Reference Centre for Research, Development and Implementation of Technical Appliances in ONCE, regarding assistive devices and technologies for the blind and visually impaired.

It is the area within ONCE responsible for managing the production, acquisition, distribution and maintenance of specific devices for the blind and visually impaired, and for supplying all necessary resources for adaptation of work and study stations. Besides, it coordinates all research activities, development, guidance, design and manufacture undertaken within the scope of assistive technology at the institutional level.

The rapid increase of Information and Communication Technologies has brought about such a substantial swift in society that people’ personal and social development depends heavily on the skills they possess when handling these technologies.

However, a large number of the technological devices on the market  is not likely to be easily used by everyone, and requires adaptation to avoid posing a factor of disadvantage or segregation for certain sectors of the population, since universal design has not been taken into consideration in their development, which specially affects to people who are blind or visually impaired.

On the other hand, the implementation of technology means an ongoing source of solutions for these persons in the many different areas of independence and wellbeing: daily living,  mobility, education, employment, leisure, culture, and so on.

In order to obtain the maximum benefit from the application of technologies, ONCE actively operates in all its national care network and from CIDAT, Center where the following activities are carried out. 

    • The management of research projects of new accessible solutions in different areas of technology, where we participate in collaboration with both public authorities and private bodies.
    • To perform the evaluation on devices, hardware and software solutions marketed by other firms in Spain and abroad for possible use by the blind or severely visually impaired.
    • To assess website and webcontent accessibility.
    • To provide ONCE instructors of assistive technology and Braille with the technical support they need.
    • To offer technical guidance to public and private organizations that wish to have their products or services accessible to persons with visual impairments.
    • To design products manufactured in-house or in collaboration with outside companies.
    • The addition of new products to the CIDAT commercial catalogue, once their usability for our target customers has been verified.
    • To supply ONCE network of shops located in each of the Institution’s various territorial and administrative offices, as well as to deal with the orders of products  directly placed in our Center.
    • To provide personal customer services on those issues related to assistive technology for the blind -via the telephone, e-mails and other channels- and to offer assistance on shopping by telephone and selling second-hand products.
    • To deliver technical support and maintenance for all devices distributed by CIDAT.
    • To arrange the provision of technical products to ONCE members in order to have their study or work places duly equipped.
    • To disseminate information on assistive technology through different channels such as the Web, breaking news SMS alerts, and so on.

The CIDAT staff of over 65 highly qualified workers has sufficient technical knowledge to attend to the various areas of interest of the Centre, located at the following address:


Camino de Hormigueras 172

28031 Madrid


Tel: +34 91.709.76.00 / 910.109.111

Fax: +34 91.709.77.77

For further information about our Centre, please contact cidat@once.es or visit our web site: http://cidat.once.es.