TifloInnova 2017   International Exhibition of Assistive Technology for People with Visual Disabilities Madrid 17-19 November

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Fundación Vodafone EspañaAbre Web externa en ventana nueva

The Vodafone Spain Foundation (VSF) is a non profit institution aiming to boost innovation and use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to enhance people’s quality of life, especially the most vulnerable groups. VSF carries out technological innovation projects that help to make life easier for mostly disabled and elderly people. It promotes ICT training programs to provide them with the necessary self-reliance to allow their social and occupational integration. It contributes to the dissemination of telecommunications in society through publications and reports.


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Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. inspires the world and shapes the future with transforming ideas and technologies. The company keeps redefining the world of TVs, smartphones, wearables, tablets, home appliances, network systems, memories, LSI system products and LED solutions.

At Samsung we believe that technology has a major role in the development of society in general and should contribute to improve the lives of disabled people in particular.

In addition, as leaders in this industry, we have the social commitment and responsibility to deliver and develop technologies –within our capacities- that reach the largest number of people and help build a better and fair society.

For years, we have been researching and developing new solutions that aim to increase access through technology, pursuing new challenges and requests that are considered indispensable by Public Administrations, offering citizens an advanced useful tool to enhance their life quality and be prepared for the demands of the 21st century. We want our technology to break barriers and this is why we develop technology for all.

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SICSA FUTURO, S.A.Abre Web externa en ventana nueva

Since 1999 we have been dedicated to the development and manufacture of technological products. Our engineers work in close collaboration with our customers, deciding on technical and commercial features of the products that will be later on manufactured in Asia, either for ourselves or for other companies.

Our scope of action covers three distinct fields: telecommunications, structured cabling and tailored products for the blind.

Among our own brand products “KERO” is especially noteworthy as it has reached a high level of penetration in both the areas of proffesional telephone and assistive technologies. In this latter market segment we are particularly engaged in a constant quest of new products and in the insertion of the latest technologies into those already existing in order to offer users comfortable and reliable solutions.



Fundación Bancaria “la Caixa”Abre Web externa en ventana nueva

The ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation has inherited the social commitment that has always defined “la Caixa” since its origins in 1904, and directly manages all its Obra Social organization.

Throughout its more than 110 years of social commitment, “la Caixa” has worked to contribute to the welfare of those most in need at all times. Today, it is positioned as Spain’s first foundation and the world’s third largest in terms of volume of assets.

Budget has raised from €500 million in the past nine years to € 510 million in 2017. This allowed that, in 2016, approximately 50.000 activities could reach out to a total of 10.8 million beneficiaries.

The Foundation pursues three priority areas of action: social work, research, and culture and education.

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