TifloInnova 2017   International Exhibition of Assistive Technology for People with Visual Disabilities Madrid 17-19 November

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List of Apps


Blind Explorer

GEKO NAVSAT Blind Explorer is a sensory guidance system, which integrates binaural sounds (3D sounds) and advanced satellite navigation technologies, allowing blind or visually impaired people to move along an unknown trail in an independent and safe way (mobile coverage not necessary). Blind Explorer is based on an accessible app which turns the selected route into a 3D sound sequence so that users are able to orientate themselves correctly without having to use their vision or hold the mobile in their hands. The use of bone conduction headphones and a high-precision positioning device complete the mobile application. Spain
logoBlindshell.png BlindShell BlindShell is a smartphone for blind and visually impaired people, with an app that can be controlled by simple tactile gestures.   It comes with the following features:  calls, messages, contacts, alarm, notes, voice recorder, calendar, book reader, Librivox, Bookshare, email, MP3 player, colour recognition, banknote identifier, magnifying lupe, calculator, settings, information about state, favourites and unattended events.  It allows access to Android apps chosen with the same control (WhatApp, Messenger, TapTapSee and web browser).  A unique, easy-to-use keyboard for writing numbers and texts is seamlessly integrated. Czech Republic


Lazzus logo

Tiflotecnología de Movilidad SL. Mobility assistant aimed at visually impaired people, which allows to improve their autonomy and to reduce their dependence. Lazzus creates a virtual visual field (an auditory field) improving perception of their surroundings. Spain


METROCIEGO This app allows a totally blind person to change trains in an unknown metro station, or choose the most covenient exit without depending on others. Spain
Mooovit Logo Moovit App Global LTD

Free public transportation app trusted by over 80 millions commuters in more than 1500 cities in 74 countries.  A comprehensive mobility tool that provides precise and reliable data and adds information on a new city every 15 hours.  By combining all local transport options in a single app, Moovit allows users to have total control and piece of mind when riding public transport.



Movistar logotype


Movistar 5S is a free service available in the Movistar+ TV Platform that enables blind and deaf people to access to its contents by using Spanish Sign Language, subtitles (with sound notes and colours to distinguish speakers from each other) and audiodescription.

This service is made available through the app, not exclusively, since it is also delivered by the TV platform itself.


Nuevos Sistemas Tecnológicos, s.l.

Navilens helps the blind and visually impaired to move autonomously in unknown scenarios such as hospitals, public buildings, public buildings, shopping centres, schools, bus and trains stations and airports.  No electronic equipments or other additional devices are required, except for your own smartphone.   These busy areas are equipped with this low-cost system, designed to enable blind and visually impaired people to navigate safely and independently.   Navilens is the result of the joint research project Visual Tags between Neosistec and the University of Alicante. Spain



Smart wristband that combines sonar or echolocation with gentle precise vibrations to inform the user about head-level and knee-level objects and obstacles, up to 5 meters away. Thanks to its free online guides, and with very little practice, users can gain greater and safer mobility skills. With the app, users can also adjust the sensitiviy, range, level of information and other parameters to fit their needs and preferences. In addition, this app enables Sunu Band to be updated and to increase its functionalities in the near future: measurement of physical activity, connecting with navigation apps (ie. Google Maps), or other innovative apps (such as our vibrating watch).



Fundación Vodafone España. ONCE. UNOBRAIN

App that includes nine brain games for smartphones and tablets in which players interact with sound and accessibility gestures that are used in operating systems iOS (VoiceOver) and Android.
It is the world’s first accessible brain gym, helping to keep our brains in shape through a range of games designed by neuropsychologists that stimulate cognitive capacities like memory, attention, learning and executive functions, while having fun at the same time.