TifloInnova 2017   International Exhibition of Assistive Technology for People with Visual Disabilities Madrid 17-19 November

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Thematic Workshops

In addition to the main exhibition, TifloInnova will be running three practical thematic workshop sessions that will provide specific groups of ONCE affiliated members with the opportunity to explore topics of interest related to access to information, based on conventional technologies or specific solutions that help users to interact with the contents or to introduce such solutions to their daily lives.

These sessions will be held in the Library at the same venue of TifloInnova 2017 (ONCE Sports & Culture Centre (CDC) in Paseo de la Habana Nº 208, Madrid) on Saturday, 18th November, and Sunday 19th of November.

Participation is free of charge.  However, and due to limited capacity for each session, please pre-register on line to attend, call our Customer Service Centre in CIDAT (910 109 111, option 2), or send an email to .

SESSION 1:   “From TV test charts to accessible TV:  A window to the world to our elders”

(Saturday 18th of November, at 11:00 h.  Estimated duration:  90 minutes)

This session is mainly addressed to the elderly.  It intends to provide participants with practical experiences on the different accessible solutions and options that can help users to interact with the contents and options available in conventional TV.

VOD (Video on demand) technology is growing fast as it allows users to view films, programmes and TV shows whenever they want, and that’s why there is a real need to find the most accessible options to viewers.

Coordinator: Ms. Yolanda Tejada Serrano.


SESSION 2:   “ClubONCE closer to you”

(Saturday 18th of November, at 17:00 h.  Estimated duration:  90 minutes)

Targeted to young people who want to learn more about the vast possibilities offered by ClubONCE to access audiovisual contents, books, relevant information about ONCE, etc.

Coordinator: Mr. Carlos Grau Belda


SESSION 3:   “Communication technologies for deaf-blind people”

(Sunday 19th of November, at 11:00 h.  Estimated duration: 3 hours)

This session is addressed to ONCE affiliated members with deafblindness, who will learn about a number of different apps and their functionalities, and how to use them with the corresponding assistive technologies.

Coordinator: Mr. Eugenio Romero Rey